CAPEC Details
Name White Box Reverse Engineering
Likelyhood of attack Typical severity
High Medium
Summary An attacker discovers the structure, function, and composition of a type of computer software through white box analysis techniques. White box techniques involve methods which can be applied to a piece of software when an executable or some other compiled object can be directly subjected to analysis, revealing at least a portion of its machine instructions that can be observed upon execution.
Prerequisites Direct access to the object or software.
Related Weaknesses
CWE ID Description
CWE-1323 Improper Management of Sensitive Trace Data
CWE-1324 Sensitive Information Accessible by Physical Probing of JTAG Interface
Related CAPECS
CAPEC ID Description
CAPEC-188 An adversary discovers the structure, function, and composition of an object, resource, or system by using a variety of analysis techniques to effectively determine how the analyzed entity was constructed or operates. The goal of reverse engineering is often to duplicate the function, or a part of the function, of an object in order to duplicate or "back engineer" some aspect of its functioning. Reverse engineering techniques can be applied to mechanical objects, electronic devices, or software, although the methodology and techniques involved in each type of analysis differ widely.